D.I.Y Bathroom Makeover for 50 Dollars

I’m not one for plain white walls and we certainly don’t have the budget to do a full remodel to make the bathroom bigger, so what did we do? I bought a few cans of paint at Lowes for 30$, paint brushes $3, paint roller for $2, $5 on designer sticky paper (I’ll link where I got it below) and $10 on storage. Not too bad I thought, in fact I’ve been pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The two colors I choose were Charcoal Grey and extra white.

This picture gives you a good idea of how really small our bathroom is. Did I mention it is our only bathroom? So I painted the walls extra white first, as a primer, but also because from experience it makes the top color look so much brighter and better. I painted the small cabinet doors the same colors as the walls, and then added my lovely paper to the sides of the cabinet.


   A better picture of the sink and the design of the paper. I got the paper at Dollar General for 1.50 a roll and I bought a total of 3 rolls. There was 100 feet in each roll (later I realized i bought a little too much).

  Yes, I did the tub too. It is an old style metal tub with no rust or damage to it. I had a can of clear coat, water proof sealer in storage, and after checking with the hubs and making sure it would work, I painted the tub a second time with the grey, let it dry for 4 hours and then covered it with the clear coat. The clear coat had to sit for 9 hours so that meant the next morning everyone went to Nana’s for baths and showers.


 This is the finished product for the bathtub, I was pleased with how it turned out. Its been three months since it was done and its hold up very nicely. No scratches, chips or dings from the kids toys so I think its going to make it.

 I added the paper to this wall and rehung the mirror that was there before which completes this wall. I love my little storage baskets for the kids toys and my hair tools.


 This is the finished product for the bathroom. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. It feels larger without actually making it larger.


If you rent, make sure to get permission from your landlord in writing before you make any changes to the home. We are happy living in our small home. We have enough space for all of us and even though sometimes it can be a little cramped, its home, and its our home. The bills are smaller in a smaller home, and there is less to clean, that makes it worth it! If you have a small home like we do, find ways to make it yours. Embrace the small living. I will never want a large house, because everything we need is in this home. Remember, No matter how big your home is, your grave is the same size as everyone else.