How I Make Money From Home

I decided to make this page to share the links to the sites that I use to make money at home. These are legit sites that I have received payment from. They are easy to use and free to sign up. Don’t spend money to make money.  I will update this page as I find new links. I’m not replacing my income with just one of these sites, but using them together and has provided a decent amount of extra money.
An online transcription site that pays one dollar for every six minute audio you transcribe. I can type 75 wpm, so I usually do 15 audios in 1.5 hrs depending on how may interruptions I have from the kids.
Crowdsource is really neat because it links you with an online job that fits what you do best. For me that is writing. You take a sample test in whatever field you want to go into and they grade you, if you do good enough then they hire you and send you more tests. I make around 250$ in 14 days with this company if I stay on top of the offers they give me.
Odesk is just like crowdsource, only they have more jobs to offer and the amount you make depends on what payment is offered through the company presenting the job.

Is a website testing job that allows you to try out different websites and get paid for doing so.  At this point I make about 10$ per website and do 5 websites a day. Not to shabby if you ask me. You get paid every seven days from the day you completed the task. Its really easy to do and only requires you have a mic because you will be talking as part of the review.